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Mr. Rajeev Shahare joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1986. His academic background includes bachelor's degree in History from St. Stephen's College in Delhi University and masters in Sociology. He is well versed in Arabic which he formally studied at the American University in Cairo from 1987-89.

Mr. Shahare has undertaken a number of diplomatic assignments abroad which include Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Mauritius. He was High Commissioner of India in Maldives from 2013-2015 before taking up the current assignment as Ambassador in Copenhagen. He has also served in the Permanent Mission of India at Geneva where he dealt with Environment, Health, Labour and Economic issues.

Mr. Shahare was head of West Asia-North Africa Division at the Ministry of External Affairs from 2010-2013 where he dealt with, interalia, the political movements in the Arab world and participated in discussions on this phenomenon in various fora within India as well as overseas. In addition, he also dealt with Somalia and piracy-related issues.

Mr. Shahare takes keen interest in developments in the Arab World, having spent more than 18 years in the region. He also follows environmental issues, particularly, developments related to 'climate change' and sustainable development.

Mr. Shahare's other interests include reading, travelling, sports (golf and cricket) and music.

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